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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Environmental footprint My Ecological Footprint My Carbon Footprint My Water Footprint Blue= goods 13%Red= mobility 15%Green= services 44%Yellow= food 20%Purple= shelter 9% This Pie Chart represents the amount of each of the main categories in which I impact the environment. My services affect the recources I use the most. If everyone were to live like I do it would take approximately 5 Earths to provide enough resources for everyone. Home energy= light green=30%Driving and flying= dark green= 54%Recycling and Waste= gray=3%Food and diet= brown= 13% My Carbon Footprint pie graph illustrates carbon dioxide I contribute to the atmosphere and through which daily practices I perform. I have pledged to practice lowering the amount of carbon dioxide I emit by carpooling, and using more efficient energy in my household appliances. Although many greenhouse gases are helpful in heating the atmosphere carbon dioxide can be very harmful in the troposphere. Water Consumption Gallons per day Water used in your home and yard 160 Water used for your diet 664 Water used for your transportation and energy 1,188 Water used by your stuff 266 red=water used in home and yardgreen=water used for your dietyellow= water used for transportation and energyblue= water used by your stuff This graph shows how much water I use and from which sources I use the most water. Surprisingly i use the most water for transportation and energy. 0 1000 2000 Gallons per day
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