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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRESENTATION DESIGN COMMUNICATION STRATEGY When you leave you will: This two-day coaching group session teaches the essentials of a great presentation. Whether you have never spoken in public, are a seasoned professional,or a business ownerwhose sales team needs a boost, Encore will improve your communication skills both personally and professionally. Encore Presentation Coaching CONNECT TO THE CORE DELIVERY Encore Presentation Coaching is a two-day workshop that incorporates video feedback, tools, exercises,and one-on-one coaching. Encore focuses on three areas: Teresa tailors the groups sessionsto each individual, giving amplefeedback and guidance for each unique presentation. Encore intertwines methodology (presentation design) andtools to understand your authentic self to create superb communication. DAY ONE The Communication Context The underlying premise of all communication is authenticity. Learn how to balance creativity and authenticity to produce a greater connection with the audience and maximize your results. We use non-verbal communication everyday. Through exercises, theCoach will discuss unspoken communication'simportance and depth and learn how to use it to achieve the best results. The Unspoken Connection The Power To Connect ® As the foundation of Encore, this powerful segment bringsclarity and focus to any communication situation. Participants chose aspecific situation or event to work on and receive the tools and a plan to move forward with confidence. The Presentation Design Having an engaged audienceis crucial for a successfulpresentation, yet difficult toachieve. We provide an easy-to-use template to create a structured presentation that seamlessly weaves together appropriate content ideas to make your presentation memorable. The High Impact Delivery Delivery techniques make the content morepowerful and reinforce any presentation's structure. Learning to deliver a commanding presentation, while being your authentic self will have the biggest impact on your results. Core Connections The ConstructiveCommentary The Final Show The Confidence Booster double click to change this title text! This video subscription series focuses on all communication aspects. These videos reinforcewhat was learned in Encore and teach new communication skillsthroughout the subscription. Participants are video tapedin their final presentation and given customized feedback. This is sent to the participant so they can continue to grow and learn. This step is where the participants incorporate all of the new skills, toolsand feedback that they received over the course of the two-day session and put it to practice use. DAY TWO Participants will apply thetheory and practical toolsthey have learned to a reallife presentation. Practising and rehearsing with apartner and in front of the camera gives participantsa unique opportunity to incorporate constructivefeedback to further develop their skills beforethe final presentation. Improve results by 25% Greater confidence Greater connection to your audience A presentation design Know yourstrengths and weaknesses Eliminate presentation anxiety
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