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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Key Takeways from E-Myth and InGenius Successful businesses needa Manager, Technician and Entrepreneur: Managers are the detail oriented onesTechnicians are experts in his or her craftEntrepreneurs have the ideas Innovation, Quantification and Orchestration work to make a successful business: Innovation applying creativity to making a product or service more efficient, higher quality or more profitableQuantification coincides with innovation to see what actually works and using numbers to track your success so that you can make adjustmentsOrchestration is standardizing the successful aspects of your process Three Systems for your Business: Hard Systems are physical tools that can be used to resolve your problemsSoft Systems are know as people systems give people a framework for how to do their jobInformation Systems are used to collect data and information about the businesss operations. The Innovation Engine is used to enhance creativity: Factors include; culture, attitude, resources, knowledge, imagination, and habitatYou have the power to apply thoughts, creative thinking and mind set to the factors on the outside of the innovation engineThe inside factors can be controlled by you to help you respond creatively to a situation We have the power to overcome our challenges and create opportunities: Break though your personal limitationsExperiment with your own practices Challenge your own perception and outlook of the world
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