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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Self-Awareness Self-Regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skill This component is all about yourself. You should be aware of your emotions and needs, and how these affect other people. Based on your emotions and actions, you can gauge howyou are acting and affectingothers. Based on this, you shouldadjust your actions accordingly. Empathy is the ability tounderstand how others are feeling.This is a valuable skill and it canhelp you figure out how you needto Self-Regulate. By having Empathy, it is easier for people to get alongwith you. Motivation is your ability to complete a task without a bribe of money or status.Motivation also measures yourpersistence and energy whilstcompleting a task. Social Skill measures your abilityto communicate with others. Areyou persuasive? Are you good at arguing? Are you able to prove apoint? Why Is EQ Important? Emotional Intelligence is broken down into the fivecomponents described above. People witha higher emotional Intelligence tend to be more successful.More job interviewers are now gauging applicants on theirEQ instead of their IQ. This is done becausepeople with a high EQ are shown to be better in job evironments,and are known to make better leaders. GRIT Grit is measured in one's ability to stay motivated and persevere through a task even if it has resulted in a long period of failure. It is said by professional researcher, Angela Duckworth, that people who have lots of grit are more successful. However, talent is not related with grit. You can have talent and grit, or you might have one but not the other. Also, just because you don't have grit, doesn't mean that you can never develop it. If you try to persevere and carry on with hard work, you will succeed.
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