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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Protesters Governments response to protesters In office from 1981-2011Military Run government Protesters Governments response to protesters -Young people-Who want a change in their country-Set cars on fire-People harming themselves-Clashing with police-Demonstrations -Violence-Killing-Injuring-Imprisoning Zine El Abidine Ben Ali In office from 1989-2011Military Run government -Young people-Who want a changein their country-Bombings -People harming themselves-Big demonstrations- People erupting in citiesacross the Middle East Hosni Mubarak -Killing-Injuring-Imprisoning-Bombings-Clubing People-"We will cut off the handsof those plotting againstEgypt's security"(Mubarak). OUTCOME -Overthrew one government-New leader= Moncef Marzouki-Moncef Marzouki -elected in 2011 and was beat in the 2014 democraticelectio-Are on their way to success - It lead to democracy and free and democratic elections Egypt Tunisia -Overthrew two governments-Still in Civil War-Got Mubarak out and Morsi in-Morsi was a leader of Muslim Brotherhood-A majority liked him the young people didn't really like Morsi, they wanted to be like the West -Had the military come and take him to prison - Country run by Military Coup Both Tunisia and Egypt were a part of the Arab Springand had somewhat similar Protests andGovernment responses to this cause. Comparison Between Tunisia and Egypt's Protesters and Government Leader of Egypt Leader of Tunisia
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