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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COFFEE Did you know that animals can predict disasters? BY EMILY WASHINGTON facts fun Sharks have been known toswim to deeper waterwhen hurricanes are in the forecast. Some people report that before a big storm hits, their pets will act wild and run around in circles. If you notice that butterflies andbees do a sudden vanishing act,this may mean heavy rainsare coming.. "There is a connectionbetween animal behaviorand earthquakes." Biologist/Author - Robert Sheldrake (PBS.ORG, June 3, 2003) "I think these animals are more attunedto their environment, thanwe give them credit." GeologistJim Berkland. (Nature, PBS.ORG, Nov, 2003). "Female elephants werelocated 9 miles inland after the 2004 Tsumani hit Indonesia. One hour before they were inan area hit by the wave."Dr. Puthi Fernando, Wild Elephant Tracker(PBS.ORG, pars. 2-3). As stated by Liz Van Muggenthaler, researcher, "believes animals can pick up the sound pulses created by storms and earthquakes,and get a head start on fleeing to safety (Report 4). DIRECTQUOTES INDIRECTQUOTES In 2004 one of the largest Tsunamisin history hit Indonesia.Local people said theywitnessed elephants, horses and flamingos suddenly run away fromthe shore. (National, 2004) It has been reported that dogs will howl, caged birds will become wild and cats will hide before an earthquake hits.(Kampworth, 2013). When animals sense changethey don't know what it means, Their instinct tells them to run! (The Discovery Channel, When Animals Sense Danger, 2011). Susan Hough, writer of the book, Predictingthe Unpredictable. The Tumultuous Science of EarthquakePrediction, believes that animals can sense earthquakes. (Hough, 54-55). It is believed that elephants candetect lightning strikes miles away. (Mott, 28). According to a local Indonesian boy named Wit Ahlwat, "Elephants were trying to breaktheir chains and run away." (National Geographic 4-5).
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