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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OLD AGE: FANTASY: Power of Makeup OLD AGE TRAIN WREACK Emily Vela Makeup Morgue My Fantasy Character name is The GodMother. She was born in planet pluto. Shes an alien type looking creature. Shes always in her ufo looking down on us. She always has her army with her, but she hardly even needs them. Shes never late to anything. She will get to you in a heartbeat when you need her; and she has a magical power that she can put into a person. The power can do if they tell that person what to do theyll do it. She will make you fall in love with your true love. Shes a hero she will help those who are in danger.Sometimes she will transform you in a cinderella. She always has a wand with her that will posses you to fall in love. She is always wearing a dress, and her makeup is always done like a fairy. Shes always in a fur coat. Her hair is always up in a dun. Its rare when she is with her hair down, and curled. She has a special clothing that will not harm her in anything that the bad people try to do with her that she always wear when she goes out to help the people in danger. She has super power that nobody knows about. She will always be there when you need her or when you call her. She is always happy, always in her own little world, always worries about people do, always puts herself last, and always put others in first. She is the best at anything she does. She is always perfect at what she does. She wants everything a certain way. Always gets everything done. Shes OCD. She always doing something, never sleeps always awake. She kills the people do something bad to the other people. It always about someone else not her. She is the hero of her town. People who worry about she will have them be their maids or she has them do something for her. Her power will beat anybody that will come, and attack her. My Train WreckOnce upon a time I was in a train wreck it was fine, and than in an instant I was in a wreck. I was in New York in the subway on my way to work. There were some terrorist that they knew that some mexican was going to be their, and theyre trying to kill me. They try to put a bomb of where I usually sit, but that day I didnt sit their. The bomb went off, and the train was caught on fire. There were multiple people in the train. Out of everyone there I was the only one that survived. The cute fire man came, and helped me out of the train to see if I was okay. I received 3rd degree burns on my face. Till this day my face is scar from it. The train was completely destroyed. The train is still being repaired.
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