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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Karl, a Boy Against the Nazis At 12 years old Karl joined Jungvolk, the Nazi club for boys, against his parents' wishes. His friends Helmuth and Rudi also joined. Together, they enjoyed weekend trips to the countryside to hike and camp. 1936 When Karl turned 14, he graduated into the Hitler Youth, and the fun and games ended. Hitler Youth were organized into junior police squads. Their job was to report disloyal people to the Gestapo-known for its cruelty. Karl began to resent the Hitler Youth.He stopped wearing his uniform and skipped meetings,and by the end of the year, he was expelled. 1938 In the final months of 1941, the Karl Rudi, and Helmuth became more daring in their resistance. They created more than 40 different pamphlets criticizing the Nazi. They hung them on bulletin boards and slipped them into Nazi's coat pockets. The boys took precautions. They made sure they were rarely seen in public together. They also made a pact: If one of them was caught, he would assume full responsibility for the pamphlets, no matter what. 1941 On February 5 Helmuth was arrested and tortured for 2 days. Finally, he broke down and mentioned Karl and Rudi. On February 10 Karl and Rudi were arrested for several weeks, Karl and Rudi were brtally beaten and interrogated.Helmuth had kept the pact, though, and had only said that they knew about the pamphlets.In August, Helmuth was sentenced to death, but had saved Karl and Rudi's lives,as they were sentenced to hard labor in a prison camp. 1942 Rudi, Helmuth, and Karl 1945 World War II ended, but Karl's ordeal did not. He was taken prisoner by the Russians, who did not believe he was a resister. He waited four more years before he was finally released. Karl and Rudi moved to America to spend the rest of their lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both got married and raised families. Karl and Rudi were invited to Hamburg to attend a memorial for Helmuth.They were both given medals of honor. 1985 2010 Karl died.
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