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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ready to go to the Grammy's, and I got myself alldolled up! Hopefully I win one(and not some dumbDora). Better a dumb Dora than some bluenosethat carries a torch for Rudolph Valentino,like every other flapper out there. Friends Ad Sources New in 1920s Information Website Title: Bio.comPublisher: A&E Networks TelevisionDate Accessed: February 11, 2015 Chick Webb Benny Goodman I'm getting real sick of this prohibition. I can't go singin a joint without having a designated fall guy(if weget pinched). How are the hoofers supposed to do theirthing without some giggle water? Cloche hatsare only $2.95! This authenticflapper dress isonly $13!!! Ford Model T automobile Ella Fitzgerald Radio I received my 13th Grammy last night! You all mustreally think i'm the bee's knees! Well most ofthe audience reeked of giggle water(it was doingit's job too!). Some people ran for the bathroomsto upchuck half way through! This new radio is real hotsy-totsy! It's just thecat's pajamas! Now anyone tuned in can hearmy swanky jazz hits! I'm so thrilled to tour with such a swell band! Itgives me the heebie-jeebies to think about howfortunate I am. Dizzy Gillespie and his band areso ritzy. It's real nice seeing blacks walk into joints withwhites and not get yelled at to scram. Though theyusually have to be preforming, it's better thannothing. The whites drink their hooch and hope thepolice don't raid the speakeasy. My performances are starting to draw in biggeraudiences. Going to see me (The Queen of Jazz)is becoming a real popular past time. The other nightI had a Sheik come up to me after a song at afamous Gin Mill and compliment my voice! He saidhis name was Ray, and I think I might even bestuck on him... Savoy Ballroom, in Harlem was a whoopee. Itwasn't like those joints filled with hard boiledlounge lizards and pushover flappers.
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