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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Richard Bayley Catherine Charlton Bayley Elizabeth's Parents Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton She was born in New York cityHas an older sister (Mary Magdalen)Had a younger sister (Catherine Bayley- died 1778)Her mom died in 1777Her father remarried in 1778 to Charlotte Amelia BarclayThey had 10 more childrenShe attended a school called Mama Pompelion's andlearned to play piano and speak french 1774 - 1821 Seton Hall University wasnamed in honor of Elizabeth Seton for the many charitable things she has done. Elizabeth Seton did many charitablethings while she was alive and she also changed america whiledoing charitable things. Elizabeth Seton is also the first roman catholic saint born in the United States. Elizabeth was an educator, religious leader and a roman catholic saintShe married William Magee Seton on January 25, 1794By 1802 she had 3 daughters and 2 sonsBy 1800 William's buisness was bankruptWilliam died of Tuberculosis in December of 1803 while in Pisa, ItalyBy 1818 Elizabeth lost 3 children to illness and her own healthstarted decliningElizabeth died of tuberculosis in 1821 at the age of 46 andwas buried at St. Joseph's in Emmitsburg, Maryland 1797- Elizabeth helped to found the city's first charitable organization. The society for the relief of poor widowswith small childrenShe also helped to found the daughters of charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Now often referred to as Sisters of Charity1808- Elizabeth helped to establish the first catholic elementary school in Baltimore. (Paca Street School)1814- Elizabeth also helped establish the orphan asylum of Philadelphia. This was the nations first catholic child care institution On march 14, 1805 Elizabeth became catholic. She was recieved into catholic faith at St. Peter's church on Barclay Street in lower manhattan in New York City
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