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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parallax What is a parallax? A paralax is an optical illusion that is used to determine the distance objects are from earth. The way an object movesrelative to another determines how far away from Earth. Photos of the same patch of space are taken at different points of the year and depending on howmuch the ojects postion changes dependson its distance from Earth Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel the inventor of the parallax. He was born in Mindenwhich is present day Germany on July 22, 1784He is also know for the Bessel Functions andthe Bessel ellipsiod. He won many awards during his lifetime including the Lalande Prize in 1811and the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in both 1829 and 1841. He later died in 1846 at the age of 61 Fun Fact: Friedrich! parallax diagram A Parallax expiriment you can do in your every day life: First: Extend your thumb out in front of you and look at it with your right eye (cover your left)Second: with your thumb extended look at it with your left eye now (cover you right eye) How far does it move?Third: Now bring your finger close to your face and take turns looking at it with your eyes again How far does it move? Answer: This is an example of a parallax, your eyes are like the pictures that are taken at different points of the year. The thumb that was farther away seemed to move less.The one the was closer moved a lot more. This is how scientist detertmine how far away differnent objects are from earth. Parallax ExampleCan you spot thedifference?which star is farthest?Which is closest? works cited: Eliza Maestri
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