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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Present Present Past Past and and Your choice, Your vote, Our future Courage Obedience Elie was sent to many concentration campsincluding Auschwitz, Buna,and Buchenwald. We need someonewho will listen to thepeople and feel whatthey feel in order forthem to know what is best for us.... Courage Obedience Elies full name is Eliezer Weisel, he was Romanian born and is a Jewish-American. His biggest/main idea inthe camps were toostay alive and stay withhis father. We need someonewho is not afraid tosay "this is what I think is right and noone's going to change it." PRESENT PRESENT "He who does not lookback at where he camefrom will never get to hisdestination" -Jose Rizal "There would be nothing to frighten you if you refused to be afraid."-Mahatma Gandhi We need someone who knows a lot and has learnedfrom his many mistakes so our country will not fallback but push forward.... There are many ways to spot a good leader, but the best way is to look at his traits.We have to look at the biblical leaders in order to see what we need in a guide. PAST PAST "A good follower is a good leader; a good leader must be a goodfollower."-Roman military quote double click to change this title text! Elie Weisel Elie Weisel Elie suffered through manyconcentration camps withhis father, Shlomo Weisel. Both Elie and his father were separated from hismother and little sister. Today, we need to find leadersthat will aid us in the development of our country. The people you choose musthave most of the traits we havementioned above. Only you, the people have the power to choose who to elect and make us prosper.
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