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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 After After Full of Personality Before Before vs Changed 12 Years Old Elie Wiesel Boy of Synagogs Elie wasindividualized &himself. Elie was no longer himself& he was not quite surewho he was. 15 Year Old A-7713 Before the Jews were forced to crowd into the cattle cars, they lived in a Sighet When leavingSighet,Elie wasonly a young,12 year old boy. Elie committed aLOT of his time todedicating his lifeto God & learningfrom Moshe the Beadle. Elie's name wasElie & that was that. That wasthe name givento him, so that'swhat he went by. Various Camps When the Jews were forced out of Sighet, they were transportedto Auschwitz. From there, they were separated, killed, and or sent to different concentration camps. By the time of liberation,Elie was 15. He hadbecome thin,frail, & weak. Elie was wrestlingwith the Angle ofDeath, fearing forhis life & the lifeof his family.Seeing the horrible, tragicevents, he lostall of his faith. In the End, He began to find himself again... But as a new man. By: Carissa Richardson Before and after going to the concentration camps, Elie Wiesel was a whole new person. Everything about him, physically and mentally, had changed. Sighet When making it throughthe initial selectionprocess, Elies's nameswas taken away.On his arm, A-7713 wasinscribed, taking his nameaway. For at that point,he was A-7713. Boy of Camps & Faithlessness
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