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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Eleni Vodantis favorites not favorites Born on June 5, 2003 I have a mom a dad and too older brothers. my oldest brother is 17 and his name is Lukos. My other brother is 15 and his name is Leo.I am greek, but i was born in Italy because my dad was in the Navy college yes college no soccer or football? less contact sport more fun to score a goal more interesting to watch you get hurt ALOT can be boring to watch more of a team effort work together Go SOCCER! career yes career no professional soccer playermovicoappple store,photographerdentist with computersorthodonticsprofesserteacherjanitor FUN FACTS ! I have a blue birthmark on my right cheeki have a big familyi like the Steelers even though their not doing very well.Sycamore canyon school is my 6th school ive ever been to i am from Greece but i was born in Naples, Italy I like to play soccer, dance, and go swimming I also like to go to the movies and go to the mall interests My Day I spend 9 hours of my day sleeping (2.66)Then i get up at 630.i make my bed. Then i eat breakfast and make my lunch for 30 minutesthen i get dressed, get my homework, and go to schoolthen i go to school for 8 hours and 30 minutes 30%Then i walk home which takes up .24 % of my dayThen i do my homework for 3 hours which is 12 % of my dayThen i watch TV or play on my phone for 1 houreat dinnerWatch Tv for 30 minutes Study for 1 hour and 30 minutesGo back to bed
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