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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! ELENA VANISHING Main characters: Elena- Number one character, struggles with eating disorders. Clare- Elena's mother, who helps with all of her problems. Valerie- Elena's sister and Clare's oldest daughter. By: Elena and Clare B. Dunkle The book Elena Vanishing is based on a true story of the main character and writer, Elena. The other author is Clare, Elena's mother. Clare has two daughters the other named Valerie. Both girls struggled with eating disorders and depression. Unfortunately, Valerie decides to push her family and all the support away. Elena on the other hand begins the bad habits as her sister. Since the book is based on a true story it has all of the background of the authors in the book. Minor characters: Dad, Doctors that help Elena, other patients at the hospitals. Main conflict: Elena has been diagnosed with anorexia nervous and heart problems. Even though many doctor have given her the same results she still believes she is perfectly fine and need to lose more weight to be "perfect." She keeps coming and in and out of hospitals just try to get back on her feet. Symbol: Elena is extremely subconscious about her appearance. While she's in the hospital she can't work on her weight so a huge symbol she uses is a mirror and makeup. These two things symbolize the frustration in a young teens life that can show the struggle of just trying to fit in and believe they are beautiful by being fake. Theme: BE CONFIDENT! Elena cared her whole life way too much about what others thought. She didn't care if she wasn't happy, all she cared for was looking good for society. This book tried to get the point across, that sometimes if you care too much just like Elena, you will be the one that loses not the others. "Each life has value. And to believe in that means I must believe in the value of my own tiny life. And so, I do. Maybe one day I will give back all that I have been given." "so a lot of stuff is going on and i just don't know how to handle it. the whole heart thing i've been through before so i'm not worried as much about that but the blood coughing is really making this whole situation more real." "ana i dont need you anymore.i have my sister, my mother, my best friendto look after me,not jst myself,and i am sorryand i will miss youbut you knowi am fine now."
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