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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 35% 35% ViolaViolinHarp easy The Electric Guitar by Grace Thomure In the 18th century, there was a sixth course It originally had 4 rows or courses instead of six In the 19th century, the courses were replaced with six single strings creating the modern day guitar Jimi HendrixSlashRobert JohnsonKeith RichardsJimi PageAngus YoungLindsey Buckingham How it Works Related Instruments The body is usually made of wood, but sometimes its made of plexiglass Materials nitrocellulose lacquer finishes off the body Chrome is used for the hardware like thestrings Volume Glue holds the pieces together History of the guitar You can buy a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to process the signal To make the guitar louder, and quieter, you change the volume on the amp of Famous Guitarists The guitar originated in the early 16th century Then, in the 1940s Leo Paul, and Les Fender experimented with the idea of electric guitar The Guitar is an electronic string instrument, and uses an amplifier to produce sound. It uses pickups underneath the strings to change vibrations in the strings to an electrical signal. This signal goes to the amp; which drives the sound through loudspeakers You can shorten or lengthen the string by putting your fingers on different frets. The shorter the string, the higher the pitch Changing Pitch Acoustic GuitarBass GuitarChello You can use the tuners on top of the guitar to create more or less tension in the strings. The looser the strings, the lower the pitch
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