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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DO YOU HAVE? The Electromagnetic Spectrum WHICH BLACKBERRY ANDROID SERIOUS? IPHONE DO YOULIKE IT? ARE YOU GET AN NO YES PHONE double click to change this title text! Radio * Wavelength: 1,000 meters Microwave Wavelength: 0.01 InfraredWavelength: 0.00001 Visible Wavelength: 0.000001 Ultraviolet Wavelength: 0.00000001 X- RayWavelength: 0.0000000001 Gamma RayWavelength: 0.000000000001 By: Abby Cranney RADIO *Wavelength: 1,000*Radio waves reach Earth's surface.*3 things that give off radio waves are T.V's, phones, and radios MICROWAVES *Wavelength: 0.01* Microwaves reach Earth's surface*3 things that give off Microwaves is Microwaves, stars, and cell phones INFRARED RAYS *Wavelength: 0.00001*Infrared Rays reach Earth's surface*3 things that give off infrared rays are the sun, galaxies, and even animals VISIBLE LIGHT *Wavelength: 0.000001* Visible light reaches Earth's surface*3 things that give off visible light are the sun, stars and light bulbs ULTRAVIOLET WAVES *Wavelength: 0.00000001*Some Ultraviolet waves can reach the Earth's surface, some don't pass the Ozone layer*3 things that give off Ultraviolet waves are the sun, stars, and galaxies X-RAYS *Wavelength: 0.0000000001* No x-rays can reach the Earth's surface because the Earth's atmosphere is thick*3 things that give off x-rays are black holes, binary star systems, and even comets GAMMA RAY *Wavelength: 0.000000000001*Not all gamma rays reach earth's surface*3 things that give off gamma rays are black holes, supernovas, and stars. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text! *1962~ Arobee~ X-Rays*1968~ RAE-1~ Radio*1969~ Vela 5A~ Gamma Rays*1978~ IUE~ Ultraviolet Rays*1989~ COBE~ Microwaves Astronomy Space Mission: = longest wavelength to shortest wavelength
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