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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Electromagnetic Spectrum Radio Waves Microwaves Infrared Visible Light Ultra Violet Light X-Rays Gamma rays Longest WavelengthWavelength:1 millimeter to 100 kilometersFrequency:30 KHZ to 3 GHZNaturally occuring radio waveson earth are found in lightening.Artificially they are used tobroadcast radio stations,radio communication, and radar.Radio Telescopes used todetect the composition, structure and motion of things in space. Shorter than Radio wavesbut longer than InfraredWavelength: 30 cm- 1 mmFrequency:300 MHz- 300 GHzOn Earth they are used in microwaves to heat food.In Astronomy it canpenetrate rain, haze,snow etc. which is beneficial to satelite communications. Shorter thanMicrowaves but longer than visible lightWavelength:100 pm- .7 pm (Near infrared) Frequency: 430 THz to 300 GHzOne earth they are usedfor remotes, cameras, and detecting forest fires.In astronomy they are used to detect stars, planets, and Nebulae. Also the formation ofstars,galaxies and planets. Shorter thaninfrared but longer than ultra-VioletThe only wavesthat can be seen by the human eyeWavelength: 700 nm-400 nmFrequency: 430790 THzUsed everyday by usto tell the color of objectsand see things.In astronomy to determine the heat of star and calculate thepostion of planets and stars. Shorter than visible light but longer than X-raysWavelength: 100 nm - 10 nmFrequency: 3 eV to 124 eVOn Earth it is used in types ofbug traps, detect heat and can cause sunburn.In astronomy it is used to study the starsand the structure and evolution of galaxiesand Earth's ozone layer. Shorter thanUltra-violet but longer than Gama raysWavelength: 3 nm- .03 nmFrequency: 100 eV- 300 KeVOn Earth it is usedto see the bones inside the body.In astronomy it is usedto detect objects that are 1 million degrees Celsius. Shortest waves on the spectrum.Wavelength: less then 10 pmFrequency: 200 keV- 200 MeVOn Earth its used inNuclear bombs, lightning, and theless dramatic radioactive decay.In astronomy it is used todetermine the elements on another planet.
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