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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Distributed Elastic Opendaylight Controller in SDN Environment Robust Growth: The SDN market is expected to reach $2billion by 2016, up from $200 million today SDN Demand Drivers: Need for better access to real-time information:40%Need for improved uptime and data availability:38% Need for Dynamic Load Balancing in SDN Distributed Controllers are proposed to address reliability and scalability issues, but are statically configured which results in uneven load distribution. To overcome this issue we propose Elasticon, a distributed elastic controller in SDN environment where controller pool is dynamically expanded. We propose a switch migration protocol for such dynamic load shifting in Opendaylight controller. Its open source: Contribution to Opendaylight Open Source Community System Design A switch connects to multiple controller nodes, One of which acts as a master and rest as slave. It coordinates with other controllers to elect a master node for a newly connected switch and directs the migration of the switch to a different controller. Openflow standards are used for switch to controller communication. We need distributed data store that bonds all controllers together to provide logically centralized controllers. This data store will contain switch specific information that is shared among distributed controllers. Openflow standards are used for switch to controller communication. The configuration push module will fetch the switch specific information from opendaylight controllers and will store it in distributed data store. This module will reside in every opendaylight controller. Load measurement module will be present remotely and will measure the load on controller in terms of number of packets as well as CPU utilization. It will compare the measured load with predefined value of load and accordingly take decision about migration of switch and expansion of controller pool. Abstract Expanding Interest: One in 5 enterprises are using SDN Our Approach Problem Statement The project involves developing a comprehensive solution in the form of Switch Migration Algorithm that will help distributed SDN environment to achieve load balancing by dynamically shifting switches among controllers. Architecture Current Network Architecture Vs SDN Architecture Opendaylight UI Phase 1: Change the role of target controller B to equal so that B also receives asynchronous messages from switch. During this phase A remains the only master and processes all messages from switch.Phase 2: Insert and remove a dummy flow to determine exact instant for migration. In this phase the ownership of switch x is transferred from A to B. Phase 3: This phase allows A to detach from managing switch x. Phase 4: Make target controller final master. In this phase Final master B sets its role to master for switch x. The switch sets A as slave when it receives role request from B. Live Switch Migration Phases The Goal of our project is to achieve Dynamic Load Balancing in OpenDaylight Controllers by Live switch Migration. The Project provides:Reliability by avoiding controller failureScalability by growing or shrinking the controller pool as per the requirements.Contribution to OpenDaylight Open Source Community. Relevance of the Project
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