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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Egyptian Revolution/Arab Spring 25 January 2011-11 February 2011 Cairo Egypt The citizens of Egypt wanted a new leader in power; so they gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest. They revolted because: police brutality, state of emergency laws, electoral fraud, corruption, food price ranges, low wages double click to change this header text! How they organized:Social media,Word of mouth,Happened somewhatinstantaneously They stayed in the squarein protest until Mumbarak resigned with help fromthe U.S. and other NATO nations The government respondedwith military force who used tear gas, rubber bullets,and even live rounds to silence the protesters Moderate phase Radical phase People gather to spreadawarenessPeople use social mediato spread awarenessThe world and its newsresponds People break out in riotsGovernment calls formilitary actionClashes between protestersand military People die 5 terms of opression:Mumbarak, dictatorPolice BrutalityLow wagesLow percentage held most moneyPolitical corruption 5 terms of revolution:ProtestsPetitionsMilitary actionPhysical conflictFueled by social media and news stations The fact that Egypt is still a democracy mensthat the government did not change very muchbut the social status changed. New leaders wereelected and standard of living became a lot better.Wages were more fair and the people who startedthe revolution had most if not all of their origionalgoals met
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