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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What kinds of things did the Egyptians do to worship their gods? They made offerings of animal sacrifices as well as offerings of food and flowers. Carrying an image of the god from place to place was also done to please the gods. Priests, with the help of workers, built large temples for the gods. Statues were carried around villages for the public to worship the gods as well. What were the steps of the mummification process?The organs are removed (except for the heart) and put in jars. The body is left in natron, for the rich its 100 days for the regular its 40 days. For the regular the organs are liquified and drained out. For the regular the body is wrapped, put in a coffin and buried. For the rich the body is made to look as lifelike as possible. The body is then wrapped in linen and a death mask is put on. Ancient Egyptian Religion Ceremonies and Practices What did the ancient Egyptians do at their religious ceremonies?They produced many prayers and hymns and poetry, they also marked important life transactions like life and most of the time death. They also sought to seek the gods knowledge. Individuals made special offerings and many prayed before temples and shrines. Some very special people affected the gods behavior to their own benefit with magical practices. What was the priests role in society?There were many levels of priests and each of them had different responsibilities. The high priest advised the pharaoh and oversaw all religious ceremonies. Temple priests were in charge of smaller temples. Lower priests advised and made hearings for regular problems. Priests made offerings to the gods if they were highly ranked. Though they had a big role to take care or the gods they had no role to care for the people of Egypt.
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