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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Surge of Nationalism + Revolts Reformsstrengthening Unification Response to Challenges Muhammed Ali implements reforms, enhancing Egyptian power, economy, and technology Unstable Economy Great Britain Oppression Obstacles to Unification Egyptian Unification from the Perspective of the Egytian Elite Steps towards Unification Excessive spending by Egyptian leaders (especially Ismail) --> Forced to sell Suez Canal--> Chaos in Egypt British take control in 1875through obtaining the Suez Canal--> now under harsh British rule Egyptians organized great revolts against GB, showing their culture could unite them. [Sacred] Pigeon shot --> fuels more dangerous revolts economic:-reorgnaized tax system technological:-government printing press-updating military bettering system:-founded schools-made government more secular-sending men to study in France Muhammad Ali Egyptian leader who helped unify the nationmamluks Arabic name for slavesulama refers to the educated class of Muslim legal scholars who are polymaths engaged in several fields of Islamic studiesWahhabis religious sect of Islam that is orthodox Lord Cromer British leaderSuez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, Egypt had to sell it, was a good trade route that connected Egypt with EuropeIsmail founded the Safavid empire, stabilized economy, but angered the people
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