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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANCIENT EGYPT RELIGION KINGS In Ancient Egypt, people saw the Kings as gods. They belived that the pharaoh was Horus, god of the light and son of Ra, god of the sun. THE GODS Osiris: Anubis:Khnum:Thoth:Ra:Hapi:Bast:Horus:Nut: God of the UnderworldGod of MummificationCreator of KasGod of WritingSun GodGod of the NileGoddess of PleasureGod of the LightGoddess of the Sky THE LEGEND OF OSIRIS Once, Osiris was the pharaoh of Egypt. His brother was jealous of him and murdered him. When his wife, Isis, found his body and brought it to Egypt where Osiris' brother chopped the body into pieces. When Isis found all of the pieces, Osiris magically became whole again, but his life could not be renewed. He lived forever an the God of the dead. MUMMIFICATION Egyptians believed in two kinds of souls: the ka and the ba. The ka was the personal identity of the person. The ba would leave the persons tomb at night. They would both need to see their owner to help him in the afterlife. To preserve people, Egyptians removed the brain, liver, stomach, and other organs. Then, they dried the body in natron. Then, they stuffed it with hood smelling herbs, wrapped it, and sealed it into a tomb. THE AFTERLIFE Egyptians had to pass many tests in the afterlife. The most important of which was the weighing of the heart. The Egyptians heart was weighed. If it was heavy with sin, it was eaten by a ferocious monster. However, if it was light or protected by a heart scarab, its owner had passed the test.
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