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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EGAN FAMILY two thousand thirteen in review 20 20 years of marriage for Erik and Julie.They celebrated with a fun week-longtrip to Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.They love their weekly date nights. 15 hours each week singing for Amanda.She was accepted into the Music Education programat BYU and is a member of the BYU Concert Choir.She enjoys living off campus and finding time toexperiment with new recipes. 6 months until Ashley graduates from high school. She plans to study ElementaryEducation in college and works20 hours a week at an elementaryschool in their after school program. 32 hours of Drivers Education for Ryan.He is becoming a master behind the wheel with his learners permit. He enjoys singing in the Men's Choir at school, and playing guitar and piano. 5 Sports for Jacob.Besides playing community baseballJacob earned a Three Sport Athlete Awardin 7th grade for football, basketball and track. He decided to add Cross Country tohis list as well for 8th grade. 2 first place trophies for Shawn.His spring baseball team had an undefeated season and came in first place in theleague as well as winning the post seasontournament. He also enjoys playing on abasketball team and playing footballat 4th grade recess every day. 100 ideas or songs in Mason's head at all times. He once told his mom that his brain is sofull of ideas he thinks it might explode. Mason loves reading chapter books, watching musicals, and dreaming of someday becoming a super hero. He thinks the most boring partof 2nd grade is math. 1,040 hours Julie has spent this year keepingthe family fed, including shopping, cooking andfinding new recipes. She loves every minute of it.Besides cooking she enjoys volunteering atthe kids' schools and attending her book club. 5 years with Parkway Construction andtwenty months serving as an LDS Bishopfor Erik. At work, he moved into a businessdevelopment role, which has been a fun new adventure. At church, he lovesserving with the great members of theFlower Mound 3rd Ward. Our lives are busy but we love the timewe spend together as a family. We are sothankful for our many blessings, especiallythe gift of our Savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas! Love, The Egan Family 13 years in Texas. We love living ina great community with wonderful neighbors and schools.
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