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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Effects of Hunger Hunger Desperation As more beggars appear, Pa tells Athy that There comes a time when a grain of rice sticks on a dogs tail, and everyone will fight for it (52) Savagery While Athy is looking for Cheng at the dump, she finds two girls that "tear through the cold, slimy garbage even faster, when they realize I'm coming toward them. Clawing at bits of flesh, we're like four vultures circling ravenously over a corpse" (138) Starvation Describing the village's rations Athy says, "In time the quantitydiminishes from a few cups of dry rice to onlyenough to make a thinliquid gruel" (110) Acceptance While describing her experienceat the malnourished village Chanrithy says,"Food is food. Anything, everything tastes good-even the smell of roasting crickets make stomachs rumble with desire." (121) Empty hope When Athy asks about the rice rations Chea responds,"I've been praying for the harvest season to come so that we can have more rice.But when it comes, the rice ration is still the same, stilllittle." (224) Hunger changes people for the worse Hunger changes people for the worse Hunger forces you into a cornerwhere you have to do anything youcan to survive. You may do thingsthat go against your morals andbeliefs, things you wouldn't do in any other circumstances. Manners and civil behavior won't be the first things that come to mind when you're dying from starvation. You just turn into a different personwhen you're starving. You could loseall sense of reason or compassion.The only thing that may come to mindanymore is food. You don't have the liberty to pickand choose when you don't haveanything to choose from in the first place. You may lose all your"civil" senses and just settle foranything without ever consideringcleanliness or healthiness. Starvation is possibly the worst form of death and does terrible things to the human psyche. Even if you manage tosurvive, the traumatic experience of being on the brink of death may give youPTSD and leave you a forever changed person. When you have nothing left, not even food, you can do nothing but hope. Even if you know nothing is going to change you still hope, because that's all you can do. Hunger can turn you into a shell of a person. Based on Chanrithy Him's When Broken Glass Floats* *When Broken glass Floats is a book depicting Chanrithy Him's experience during the rule of the Khmer Rouge as a child. During that period she experienced horrors no person should ever have to go through. The Khmer Rouge oppressed and dehumanized all that they ruled, robbing them of their culture and normal lives. People were always on the brink of starvation. This infographic was made in the hopes of portraying what that kind of hunger could do to people.
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