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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Physical Effects of Falling in Love Your feelings of longing and loveaffect your mind and the way you think.When you are in love you want to go outthere and conquer the world. You long forthat person and take actions you normallywouldn't. Your psychological feelings createa passion where rationality doesn't alwayswork. WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Research from the British PsychologicalSociety shows that the brain 'in a stateof love' and the brain in 'a state of mentalillness' shows a 'considerable overlap'. When you're in love your heart races faster, your blood starts moving and you begin to have clouded judgment. This is in part due to the strong emotions. There is only a slight difference between love and fear. Both of these emotions can create major reactions in your ability to physically handle a situation. When the fight or flight responsekicks in, blood is diverted from the stomach. This reduced blood flow leads to the feeling of"Butterflies in the stomach". Hug it out! Frequent hugging between lovers is linked to high levels of oxytocin(the love hormone!) and lowerblood pressure in some women. I wanna hold your haaaand...Holding hands with a significantother can reduce stress more thanholding a stranger's hand... which would be weird anyway. It's no secret that sex can reduce stress. So remember to fit in some quality time between the sheets with your partner. Three Stages ofFalling in Love: Stage 1. Lust - driven by the sex hormones testosterone & oestrogen. Stage 2. Attraction - can think of nothing else. Might lose appetiteand sleep less. Dopamine, Norenpinephrine and Serotoninare released. "Darkness cannot driveout darkness: only lightcan do that. Hate cannot driveout hate: only love can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr. Stage 3. Emotional Attachment - can think of nothing else.Might lose appetite and sleepless. Dopamine, Norenpinephrineand Serotonin are released.
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