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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Characteristics of Effective Digital Literacy Delivery Interactivity Pace Infrastructure Groupwork 23% of the positive comments related to the interactive and hands-on nature of the training with a third of those specifically discussing the new apps and tools used. The ESW standards refer to the ability to learn and use new tools so this element and time to experiment and play will be important to develop the skills and confidence to do this effectively. This will also be essential in order to inspire learners to take an interest and meet the requirements of different learning styles 20% of the negative or 'needs improvement' comments gave unstable wifi as a problem (and it was noted in the survey that this was a comment made by most participants). Only 42% had given an 'Excellent' score for the venue which is likely to be largely due to the wifi. Stable infrastructure is a very important element, particularly for new learners who will struggle to distinguish between problems caused by their own errors and problems caused by equipment failures. 47% of the negative or 'needs improvement' comments related to the fast pace (although 3 comments also mentioned it as a positive). Since this was a largely experienced group of tutors and even a lot of them struggled to keep up, this shows the importance of an appropriate pace and having time to experiment. Since the guided contact hours for the ESW will be staying at 36 hours a lot of focus will need to be on choosing tools for the classes to use with ease of use in mind. 30% of the positive comments related to group and pair working. This was the most commonly mentioned effective element. This is promising since collaborative working is a mandatory part of the ESW. The reasons given for finding this effective were the diversity of the group, mix of abilities, the chance to share ideas, and the fact the more experienced users could help the less confident to develop their skills.
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