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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sportugal Olivia Hobgood While the flute is a more basic instrument to make however, it is one of the harderones to learn especially if you are teaching youself especially by ear. This one is very simple however, most people like to carve their name and some design in it somewhere. Sportugal is very connected to music so everyone is taught pitches very earlyand when they get to be about ten years old, they craft their own instrument and teach themselves how to play it their musical ear having already been developed. Apart from showing independence, this instrument will be highly important. The first one they make as a symbol of this, they never get rid of it. It isalmost a description of them and the sounds and looks they like even their personality. Some people though it is rare, will do a very hardinstrument like a harp. The main thing that makes this difficult arethe strings. They are told nothingwhatsoever about what you can and cannot use. Being so difficult to make, showsdetermination and peserverenceand maybe a little disregard to theinput of others too. Though theharp is hard to make, it is, if madeproperly, rewarding in tone and easy it is to learn. Everyone is homeschooled by parents for the most part though it is notuncommon for two or three parents to get together and take turns teachingthe kids at once. The law does not require kids to have school everyday, just to meet a minimum of 1,460 hours per year which most families decide to break downto four hours a day to give childeren time to learn an instrument once they areten. Before that, they are training their ear most of their free time. The black represents those who are iliterate, green represents those who areliterate but can not play an instrument, red are thosethat can play an instrument andare literate. 0 50000000 100000000 150000000 200000000 250000000 300000000 Flute Violin Nadaswaram Harp Other As you can see here, of the 364000000 people who play instruments, flute, with 2912people who play it, is, by far, the most playedinstrument of them all. There are 32760000 violinists, 36400000 Nadaswaram players, 364000 harpists, and 3276000 people who do not play any of the instruments above but do play an instrument.
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