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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Angel Of The NorthMake sure you visit this icon of Britain .It is a very well known place in Englan dand is a huge tourist attract ion. A Tour Of Britain This spectacular city is home to the Liver Buildings and the Liverpool water front. With ferries and ships along the Mersey, you can grab a ride or just watch the boats go by. Liverpool Water Front Be sure to visit Edinburgh Castle. With its amazing views and fantastic architecture, it's an essential historical place to visit to get you started on your trip to Britain. Edinbur ghCastl e Arkwright's MillThe first factory of the industrial revolution. A major place to visit whilst in Britain. Inglebo roughThis is fantast icmou ntainto visit and climb. On the top of the mount ain,you can catch the breath taking viewof Yorksh ire. Birmingham Shopping Centre Be sure to come here. You'll find some gift shops to buy the perfect momentum of your trip. Cambridge University Be sure to come and see the top university in the WORLD. That's right, in the world. Cambridge Uni has been considered the best in our globe, a place to definitely not miss Big BenBig Ben is London's iconic clock tower. Based in the capital of England, this is a must see on your trip to Britain. Brighton Pavilion Make sure that you don't leave without visiting this breathtaking architecture. It's amazing domes and tall tips are an addition to this must see building.
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