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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 College Seniors: Tips For a Smooth Real World Transition Consider The Following Important, Often Overlooked Tips Find doctors on a new healthcare plan Build an emergency contact list Switch off parents' cell phone plan Most graduating seniors have probably been going to the same doctor for most of their lives. But what happens if their family doctor is no longer covered under their new jobs insurance plan? Its important to take control and become knowledgeable about medical benefits right off the bat. As new employees, recent grads should review their newhealth insurance plans guidelines and familiarize themselves with theoptions and processes. Its helpful to start developing relationships with service providers especially if you plan on moving. This can include anyone from a local handyman to a trustworthy auto shop. Recent grads should begin to build a list of contacts they can rely on in case of emergenciesby reaching out to neighbors and peers for recommendations. You neverknow when youll need a last-minute electrician or flat tire changed! Visit for more information about Edge and join the conversation on social media by connecting with @VZWSheldon. Since graduation can mean being cut off financially by parents andcaretakers, many new graduates will need to think about finding a newwireless plan that fits their lifestyle. Verizon Wireless Edge program offers customers the flexibility to upgrade early and pay for devices inaffordable payments over 24 months instead of all upfront. Early upgrades and easy monthly payments make this plan on VerizonWireless 4G LTE Network ideal for college graduates not looking to sacrifice having the most up-to-date devices for lower rates.
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