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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Edgar Allen Poe and the Women in His Life She showed her love for Poe in an acrostic poem she composed when she was 23, dated February 14, 1846:Ever with thee I wish to roam Dearest my life is thine.Give me a cottage for my homeAnd a rich old cypress vine,Removed from the world with its sin and careAnd the tattling of many tongues.Love alone shall guide us when we are there Love shall heal my weakened lungs;And Oh, the tranquil hours we'll spend,Never wishing that others may see!Perfect ease we'll enjoy, without thinking to lendOurselves to the world and its glee Ever peaceful and blissful we'll be. Edgar Poe first met his cousin Virginia Clemm in August 1829, four months after his discharge from the army. She was seven at the time. Marriage plans were confirmed and Poe returned to Baltimore to file for a marriage license on September 22, 1835. Their public ceremony was in Richmond on May 16, 1836, when they were married by a Presbyterian minister named Rev. Amasa. Poe was 27 and Virginia was 13. Eliza Poe was Poe's birth mother. She was an English-born American actress. She was born 1787 in London, United Kingdom. She died December 8, 1811 from tuberculosis. Due to her death he three children were separated. Frances Allan, cared for Poe while he was young, but never legally adopted him. From 1815- 1820 Poe lived with the Allans in England and Scotland before the family returned to Richmond. Frances Allan died on February 28, 1829 from tuberculosis.
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