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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EDGAR ALLAN POE Gothic Elements DONATE The Angel of the Odd The Island of the Fay The Fall of the House of Usher Alone in living roomA spirit talking to himHas a nightmareSpirit was cause of his dreamsThinks of suicide Walking alone in woodsSees a small island Half the island is dark and gloomyA Fay(fairy) was circling the islandThe Fay disappeared in the dark water A mansion alone in dead woodsHouse was haunted and had secret pass waysThe past family members were all some sort of killersHouse was falling apartCharacters kept saying they were dyingMadaline and Rodrick die Summary The Fall of the House of Usher In The fall of the House of Usher a man named Phillip goes to a mansion to bring back a girl named Madeline. Her brother Rodrick tried to tell him to leave and hewouldn't listen. Rodrick then fakes Madeline's death to try to get Phillip out of the house. When she gets out of the coffin, she becomes crazy and attacked Rodrick.The house goes on fire and fell down killing them bothand Phillip got out before and left In the Angel of the Odd, the narrator finished a good meal and then went home and stayed in his hiving room. He then heard a voice and saw the Angel of the Odd. The got in an argument andthe Angel of the Odd left. The narrator go drunk andfell asleep. He then had a bad dream about himand the Angel of the Odd where he tried to commit suicide but the Angel of the Odd saved him.He then woke up on the floor in his living room. In the Island of the Fay, the narrator is walking through a woods and alongside a river. In the River, he notices a small island. Half the island was bright and full of color and the other half was dark and gloomy. He then notices that there is a Fay (or fairy) that was flying aoundthe island. He observed it fly aound the island, then go into the dark see water by the gloomy side. After this happened a couple of times, it went into the water and vanished. The narrator didn't see the Fay again and then went on with is walk The Angel of the Odd The Island of the Fay Connection to Poe's Life The Island of the Fay The Fall of the House of Usher The Angel of the Odd Edgar Allan Poe was known to be a drunk like the narrator in this story A lot of people died in the Usher family and Poe had a lot of people in his family die on him I didn't see any connections with this story and his life Work Cited
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