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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 USE OF TECHNOLOGY NEED TO INCREASE USE THE EFFECT THE SIGNIFICANT INCREASE ACCESS The use of technology in Oak MiddleSchool has led to higher test scores,and more self-confidence. This useof a technological program allowed this school to increase test scores of 20 points. Schools across Americacould also increase if tech-programswere implemented, as well.******* Fewer than 30% of schools in America have the broadband accessof technology for classrooms.****** The future of students are better due to the use of technology usage in classrooms. Internet for homework** Use of BYOD in schools***** Teacher's opinion on Student's engagement***** Achieve student's outcomes Student's involvement**** Graduation rates*** 38% 68% 80% 11% 96% 75% 54% 57% Technology for education is the future for students in this generation to succeed in schools. ********************* nearly-3-billion-in-education-technology-commitments******* Students claim that theyneed their technological device for their education. Facebook for collaboration** Educational System Easy access to mobiles** Schools need to be introducing technologyto prepare students for the future. Closerto the future in which both higher educationand the world of work would be infused withtechnology. The educational system needsto implement familiar technology skills for after graduation. 96% uses technologyin work or schools compared to 58% in 2008.* 96% EDTECH FOR SUCCESS
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