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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cou ncil ofNi caea Cou ncil ofCo nsta ntin ople Cou ncil ofC halc edo n Cou ncil ofEp hesu s Early Church Ecumenical Councils Rejected Monophysiti smDeclared definitively that Christ is a divine Person with human and divine natures Christ's two natures united is called hypostatic union Many still believe in Monophysiti smand are separated from the Church -Called in an effort to reconcile the increasing alienation between East and West caused by the Arian crisis-Aggravated East-West tensions-Declared that the bishop of Constantinople should be second in line to the Bishop of Rome- Named Constantinople the patriarchate STEP 6 tap and hold to changethis text! -Arianism said that Jesus was inferior and subordinate to the Father-Resulted in a formal definition of the true divinity of Christ and his equality with the Father-Condemned Arianism -Described the divine nature of the Father and Son as homoousios or consubstantial which means of the same being -Promulgated a profession of faith: the Nicene Creed Cou ncil ofCo nsta ntin ople -Assembled to discuss the dispute over Mary as Theotokos and Christotokos -Declared that the Blessed Virgin Mary is rightly called Theotokos-Christ is a divine person, and Mary is his mother, so she is the Mother of God tap and hold to changethis text! -Rejected Monophysitism -Declared definitively that Christ is both divine and human -The two natures are united in hypostatic union-Many still believe in Monophysitism, but are separated from the Church
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