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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ECSTASY 1990's It has been told that Ecstasy is Illegal in the united states. Year became popular: Anton Kรถllisch Inventor: Legal or Illegal? Type of Drug: How it is used: Ways to take it: Long terms: Powder Shot Street names: Pill Short Term: Medical use: Ecstasy is used like an energy drink once you take it your energy levelgoes up. Many people use this drug to party or other reasons. Ecstasy is taken orally as a capsule or tablet. It is man-made and chemically similar to stimulants and hallucinogens. Manypeople don't understand how bad this drug can be. Impaired judgmentFalse sense of affectionConfusionDepressionSleep problemsSevere anxietyParanoiaDrug cravingsMuscle tensionFaintness and chills or swellingInvoluntary teeth clenchingBlurred visionNausea Long-lasting brain damage affecting thought and memoryDamage to portions of the brain that regulate critical functions - such as learning, sleep and emotionIt is as if the brain switchboard was torn apart, then rewired backwardsDegenerated nerve branches and nerve endingsDepression, anxiety, memory lossKidney failureHemorrhagingPsychosisCardiovascular1 collapseConvulsionsDeath * X, E, or XTC* Adam* Beans* Candy* Dancing Shoes* Disco Biscuits* Doves* E-bomb* Egg Rolls* Happy Pill* Hug Drug* Love Drug* Malcolm (or Malcolm X)* Molly* Scooby Snacks* Smartees* Sweets* Skittles* Thizz* Vitamin E or Vitamin X* Vowels There are many ways to take this drug thatpeople will never poss-ibly imagine of takinghere are some photos There is no medical way this drugcan be used because this drugis used for bad things. That is whythis drug is called the "Love Drug". Ecstasy is a street drug or a clubdrug, and many teens use this drugno matter what grade their in. Ecstasy is two things and it is similar to Stimulants and it is similar to Hallucinogens.The thing is that you don't add hallucinate. Websites: Lania Perez 2nd
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