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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ecosystem Project Guidelines The idea here is to become an expert on an ecosystem of your choice. You will be asked to produce some type of visual and a written report. It is up to you to decide how you will visually express the information. Possible options: poster, power point, brochure, etc. Then you will write a one page paper about a population in your ecosystem of your choice. It could be a plant or animal that lives in your ecosystem. The Big Idea Key Components Research & Preperation -General Information-Food Web-Abiotic Factors-Human Impacts-Population The Visual Research Paper -1 Page in length-12pt font-Single Spaced-Title is 30pt font General Info What kind of environment is this? Where is it? (Look for information about rain or other precipitation, climate, sunlight, elevation, temperatures, latitude, freshwater, seawater, etc.) General Info General Info Food Web What are the main organisms that important in this ecosystem? (Look for information about the food web, primary producers, plants, primary consumers, what eats them, etc.) Abiotic Factors What are the main abiotic factors that affect this ecosystem? (Look for information about changing water levels, temperature, light levels, salinity, pollution, etc.) Human Impact What are the main ways that people affect this ecosystem? (Look for information about the building or construction, logging, diverting freshwater, hunting, or anything else humans do that affect nature.) General Information -Briefly describe the ecosystem-Tell or show where the ecosystem is located in the world-Mention similar ecosystems in other places on earth Food Web -Must have 10-15 organisms in the food web (3 of which must be producers.)-Must label the producers in green and consumers in red-Must have at least 3 abiotic factors labeled in black-Arrows must show the flow of energy Abiotic Factors -Identify at least 3 abiotic factors that affect your ecosystem. -Describe how these abiotic factors influence the ecosystem. -2 bullets per abiotic factor Human Impact -Identify an issue arising from human impacts in your ecosystem-Describe the effect of humans on the populations in your ecosystem-Discuss possible actions that could be taken to reduce the impact. -2 Bullets per impact Population A description of the populations role in the ecosystem. Where does it live? What does it eat? What eats it? Any other important behaviors or interactions. -A discussion of the populations abiotic needs and interactions-An example of human impact on the population The Research Paper This paper will go into detail about the population you chose to research on your visual. You report will be 1 page typed in length. Single Spaced. 12 pt font. This will be a more detailed version of the Population category on your visual. Things to include in your report: The Presentation In your presentation, include information about the following: general information, food web, abiotic factors, human impacts, and a population of your choice. You will talk about all the components of your visual and then read your research paper to the class.
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