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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 to protecting over endangered species Canada's Economic Action Plan $ 1.4 Billion in tax relief to manufacturing sector Economic Growth Increased Efficiencyand Productivity $500K Canada can concluded FTA's with countries (since 2006) 9 $20M in travel expenses saved as a result of technologies $42.6M $5.5B given to Canadian Innovation Fund for research of new technologies A shift outward of the PPC curve An outward shift of Aggregiate Supply Curve Increasing Small business loans to Reducing Small business taxes to 11% 5 5 Canada's Economic Goals Canada's Budget to support growth of innovative businesses $121M Creation of net jobs since July 2009 610K allocated to train students and expand their skills $330M to 12 multi-year Apprenticeship programs $13M = A shift outward of the aggregate demand curve. Businesses can expand as a result of this increased demand. Full Employment $44M to help new immigrants get settled and find work Environment Stewardship The growth of jobs and quest towards full employment show the economy is in a recovery period Viable Balance of Payments and Stable Currency $50M $16M to help clean the great lakes Allocated to research renewable energy technologies $735M Long-term investment in transporation Clean Canada established FTA's with countries (since 2006) 9 Provided to innovators of new technologies Implementing a more Transparent system Tax Insurance covering up to of Canadians' Savings 100K Counterfeit activity has decreased by since 2007 92% Over more Canadians working now than during the recession 195 1M Reducing Red tape saved business hours annually 98K to help Disabled Persons find and get jobs $222M No businesses taxes implemented NEW Launched Canada First Research Excellence Fund with over the next decade to help Canadian postsecondary promote innovatation $1.5B over two years to the Automotive Innovation Fund to support new projects $500M freeze on premium rates to help provide certainty for employers EI Construction of crossing to improve the flow of goods between Canada and the US. Windsor-Detroit Improvement in growth as it grew from its usual 3.2% Giving an additional to the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program to help young entrepreneurs $40M Nominal GDP
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