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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Concepts in the Course Economic Goals Environmental Stewardship Economic Action Plan 2014 Investing in Business Innovation programprovides mentorship, entrepreneurial support & financing to help new businesses grow & succeed Export Development Canada provides support in the domestic market, that complements the activities of the Business Development Bank of Canada & private sector institutions. The Canada Job Grant helps employers train new or existing employees for jobs that need to be filled Legislation will require the Minister of Finance to list he Governmentsoutstanding tax measures $400 million to protect & preserve Canadas environment by making improvements with expanding tax support for clean energy Canada's Budget Foreign investors investing more in Canadian industries. Canada has been successful in attracting foreign direct investment Hazardous Products ActNet benefit for Canadians of $400 millionin increased productivity & decreased health & safety cost Issuing bondsRise to $95 billion then stabilize around $85 billion in half a year. The stock ofmarketable bonds is projected to be $497 billion $20 million to support early intervention measures to stop the spread of the spruce budworm Canada Job Grant$15,000 per person for training costs, including tuition & training materials Concepts in the Course Viable Balance of Payments & Stable Currency Reduced Public Debt Econmic Growth Full Employment Governement spending Possibility of surplus budget L. L. C Knowledge, entrepreneurship& organization L. L. C Knowledge GDP X>M Leakages > Injections Foreign investors/trade = GDP Injections Put into economy GDP Sustainable Development GDP Conserving environmentfor future generations GDP Employmentrate L. L. C Knowledge Subsidies for work field industries Consumption Imports Tight Monetary Policy Open market operations, BOC sells bond O.L.R AD1 AD2 AD1 AD2 AD1 AD2 AD1 AD2 Recovery Buisness Cycle Recovery Buisness expand & start up Recovery
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