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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Economic Growth Reduced Public Debt Canada's Economic Goals Viable Balance of Payments & Stable Currency Full Employment Environmental Stewardship Canada's Economic Action Plan 2014 Canada's Economic Budget 2014 Reduced Public Debt Environmental Stewardship Canada's Economic Goals Full Employment Economic Growth Viable Balance of Payments & Stable Currency Canada increases exports in Europe therefore creating more jobs for canadians. Canada's steady economy growth attracts more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Canada invests millions in initiativesthat assist the unemployed infinding jobs. The initiatives focus on helping disabled, autistic, elderly and temporary foregin workers find jobs. Canada currently is working on aHazardous Products Act that will increaseawareness for health and safety andbenefit Canadians by $400 million dollars in increased productivity. Canada is alsoworking on a Windsor-Detriot bridge tohelp ease truck shipments with itslargest trading partner Canada spends $15 million dollarsto help conserve fisheries. Canada plans to expand tax incentivesfor clean energy production. Canada plans on reducing publicdebt by issuing 10, 30 and 50 yearbonds. Gross bond issuance is planned to rise about $7 - $95billion. The government's launch of the Investing in Business Innovation Initiative that is being launched helps small business grow andsucceed in the economy. The Canadian job grant also hel-ps employers train associates new/old for jobs available. New job alert system is introduced for laid-off workers. s The Canadian government has introduced the Export Develop-ment Canada (EDC) initiative tosupport domestic exporters withtheir financial needs. Canada plans to take action by investing $400 million to preser-ving and improving Canada's fis-heries, national parks, recreatio-nal trails and producing clean energy. The Canadian government will now require the minister of finance to table a list annually with the outstanding tax measu-res. Stakeholders Corner Sustainable development GDP Unemployment Rate Increase in Aggregate Demand AD1 Exports > Imports Injections > Leakages AAA BondsInterest Rates Government Spending Truck dilliveries over thebridge increase job demand for truck drivers Job alert systemhelps ensure the govt. spends less taxes to unemployed Subsidy foremployers Leakages Stocks & Bonds Subsidy foremployers U.I - Automatic Stablizer CorporateProfits BOOM AD2 HDI Scale Environmental Stewardship Economic Growth Full Employment Viable Balance of Payments & Stable Currency Reduced Public Debt FishermenElectricityComapnies The unemployed Employees Employers Small businessesLarger Busineses The Government The general public Domestic Exporters The Government The minister of Finance
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