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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! Canada's Economics Goals: Targeted goals for YOU Full Employment Canada's Action Plan $330 million/year+$70 mill (since 2013)= Youth EmploymentStrategy. Youth UndergoingTraining SKILLED! U.E.C.P.I.$$ into Consumer PocketsADASHDIGDP At Expansionary period Tax for Job creating businesses Investors growing businessin Canada. -Competitions betweencompanies.-Monopolistic orOligopoly market structure.-Better customer services Canada Apprentice Loan:-Interest-free loanup to $4000/ periodof technical training. providing apprenticesregistered in Red Sealtrades with over interest-freeloans each year. $100 MILLION Economic Growth Advanced Manufacturing fund of federal fund. $200 Mill. Growing Businesses + Creating JOBS for manufacturers Canadians working now thanend of recession 1 000 000 Environmental Stewardship invested tosupport activities to protectspecies at risk. $50 Mill. Invested to Quality of Great Lakes.Invested over 4 years. $16 Mill. Cleaning up federal areas.invested over 3 years. CONTAMINATED $1 Billion Cleaner & Better Society.More Tourists to see clean, naturallandscape of Canada. DemandSupplyIncome Reducing Public Debt Overall Borrowing needsAs a result of the improving fiscal track & inflowsarising from maturingmortgage-backed securitiespurchased under the Insured Mortgage Purchase Program. Future generations don't get left with$$$ of DEBT less debt: TAX decrease for CANADIANS Less debt we have to pay,more our government can spend $$$$ on:Infrastructure, Poverty,Injections... to climb up the business cycle whenwe are in contractioncary period.Possibility of havingin the following years. $400 MILL Innovation Government Provides more thanin new resources to supportScience, Technology and Growth of innovative firms. $9 BILLION Since Invested $15 mill forpilot program. BUSINESS POST-SECONDARY Concierge Service Introduced. Helps: over $100 Mill for BrainResearch Fun over next 6 years. (Collaboration) HDIGDPASADBusiness Expansion(Possibly world-wide)More NEW resources; More workers= U.E. Tour companies SURPLUS BUDGET By: Eubin Gong
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