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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 People may think that renter's insurance isn't worth it,but it is in the long run. Say your house burns down with all of your belongings inside of it. - Smoke- Fire/Lightning- Theft- Automobiles (When somebody rams into your home)- Aircrafts hitting your home- Falling Objects- Riots- Windstorm/Hail- Volcanic Eruptions- Ice/Snow/Sleet- Water related damages- Electrical Surge Damage- Vandalism- Explosions- Damage from glass Renter's Insurance covers unintentional damage, liability issues, medical expenses, and additional living expenses. Reasons to get Renters Insurance Renters Insurance Usually Covers - You're moving out of your parent's house and buying a place of your own.- You're going into the military- You're heading to college(Basically when you're moving out is a good time to get renters insurance) Let me ask you two questions. -Do you want to have to pay for replacing ALL of your personal belongings in theevent that they are all stolen or destroyed?-Does a small sum of money a month seem more pricey than paying for said gone belongings?The answer to those questions should be no. Any person with sense would pay for Renters Insurance in order to make sure all of their belongings would be replaced if something were to happen to them. It gives you peace of mind as well, knowing you're covered. It more than makes up for the monthly cost. Why it is a Smart Idea to Have Renters Insurance
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