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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Government is making it easier for businesses to expand into foreign markets - Want to exports - Revenue for businesses and Government (business taxes) - Reduces the need to borrow Who it affects? - More jobs for - Increased demand for - Easier for to find jobs Government of Canada are among the worlds sought-after investments Allocated to research renewable energy technologies No businesses taxes implemented Over more Canadians working now than during the recession Creation of net jobs since July 2009 Provided to innovatorsof technologies to protect over endangered species Canada's Economic Action Plan $ 1.4B in tax relief to manufacturing sector Economic Growth Increased Efficiencyand Productivity $500K Canada can concluded FTA's with countries (since 2006) 9 $20M in travel expenses saved as a result of $42.6M $5.5B given to Canadian Innovation Fund for research of technologies Innovation and creation of new technologies makes the production process more efficient, allowing businesses to produce more with same amount of economic resources. This causes an outward shift of the PPC and aggregate Supply curves. Increasing Small business loans to Reducing Small business taxes to 11% 5 5 Canada's Economic Goals Canada's Budget to support growth of businesses $121M 610K allocated to students and expand their skills $330M to 12 multi-year programs $13M = - A shift outward of the aggregate demand curve - Businesses expand as a result of the increased demand- Scarcity of workers starts to become a problem - Increased prices due to high demand - Nominal GDP as CPI Full Employment $44M to help new immigrants get settled and find work Environment Stewardship Unemployment+ Real GDP + Price levels (CPI)+ Consumer spending = Recovery period Viable Balance of Payments and Stable Currency $50M $16M to help clean the great lakes $735M Long-term investment in transporation Clean Canada established with countries (since 2006) 9 Provided over to date to exporters facing financial difficulties $11B Government is creating the right conditions forbusinesses to abroad suceed activity has decreased by since 2007 92% 195 1M Reducing Red tape saved business hours annually 98K to help Disabled Persons find jobs $222M NEW Launched Canada First Research Excellence Fund with over the next decade to help Canadian postsecondary institutes promote $1.5B over two years to the Automotive Fund to support new projects $500M freeze on premium rates to help provide to employers EI Construction of crossing to improve the between Canada and the US. Windsor-Detroit Improvement in growth as it grew from its usual 3.2% Giving an additional to the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program to help young $40M Nominal GDP over three years to support the Earth Rangers Foundation $3M The reduced taxes decrease operating costs and maximize revenue (Theory of the Firm) Growth of businesses (especially small business which make up 27%of Canada's GDP) subsequently increases production,causing both GDP and supply to increase (Supply curve shirts to the right) Jillan Qureshi over two years to the Recreational Conservation Partnerships Program $15M Tax for clean energy generators Incentives certainty entrepreneurs flow of goods Counterfeit FTA's Innovation innovation technologies new innovative new Fisheries Apprenticeship train over two years and per year to launch an enhanced Job Matching Service $11.8M $3.3M Reducing to the international and domestic flow of goods and services barriers securities most over two years to support and strengthen regional ports and make them more $33M Who it affects? - costs for - Prices for- Resources for businesse s consumer s future generations general population, busines s goods and services student s Who it affects? - products for - Renenues for- tax revenue for businesse s consumer s governme nt Who it affects? - have access to variety of goods and services- have access to foreign markets - Foreign investment opportunities for- More business for the Leakages > Injections Higher production from businesses results in, - Real GDP - GDP per capita - scarcity (more goods are available) With increase in environmental consciousness,and the shift towards renewable energy has reduced the carbon footprint and the greenhouse gas emissions. - Large fines if Businesses who do not oblige to environmental guidelines - Limits Businesses from reaching their maximum potential - Businesses produce less (GDP decreases)- Equilibrium price is higher (supply curve shifts to left) If the economy continues to grow after full employment (passes the boom), the government will implement a contractionary fiscal policy to - The money supply- Prevent Hyper-inflation - Eliminate high competition for economic resources Similarly Bank of Canada wouldimplement the tight money policy in an attempt to- interest rates - Attempt to savings - Excess reserves Efficient Canada finished 2014 with a deficit budget. This means- Imports + Borrowing > Exports + Lending- Government Revenue < Government Expenses Consumer s Businesse s investor s governme nt The drop in the cost for productive resources (labour) allow - Business to hire more works (create jobs) - Produce more product - Encouraging trade result in:- Canadian businesses expanding into foreign markets- Creation more jobs domestically - Larger variety of goods - More competition = Better products - Providing support to Immigrants, Disabled person and minority groups Socialism (Equality)- Allowing for individual and business growth shows Capitalism (Democracy + Private Ownership)
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