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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The ecommerce industry might be fun and stimulating if youknow how to properly handle it. Avoiding the mistakes described here will help. You might note down what works well for ecommerce professionals as that will give you anadvantage in front of your competitors.Here at PrintNow we give you the best support with no silly feeproviding the best storefront possible. ECOMMERCE ISSUES Tons of mistakes online retailers make every day. Here are some common mistakes that e-commerce sites make. Contact Details Excessive Detail A lack of detailedproduct information should be avoided Checkout Process A Long & Confusing Checkout Process, makes it easy Product Images Replace your tiny images with large or allow users to zoom Donations Issue Many site accept donations but not in exchange for any goods or services Navigation Issue Confusing navigation create negative impact on buyers, Offer easier navigation Safe your site from scam, fraud, and hacked Securities Issue law for payment is keep it assimple as possible Many website hide contact information. Put your contact information in an easy-to-find place Poor website design loos trustworthiness.create a professional design Design Issue Shipping Issue Many site hide shipping rates. Include accurate shipping rates. Ecommerce Issues Graph Payment Issue Contact US Mail : Url: http://www.PrintNow.comTelephone : 413-301-7140
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