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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Biotic Factors Affected Abiotic Factors Affected Bugs and insects are affected because when we spray pesticides on the crops some insects are harmed by the dangerous chemicals in pesticides. Water is affected because the toxicins in the pesticides will run off and harm the water and organisms who live in it. Marine animals are greatly affected because when the pesticides get washed away, they run off to rivers and streams which will eventually lead to the ocean negatively affecting marine life. When pesticides are sprayed on plants these chemicals will sink into the soil harming many organisms who live there. Humans are also affected because when we spray dangerous chemicals on our food, we can be harmed and have health issues. Why Should We Care? Huma nssho uldbe aware of pestic ideus ebeca useit can affect them greatl yas well. When pestic idesar eused near crops, the crops will be expos edto the pestic idesa ndthe nthe pestic idesw illbe in your food and it could poiso nanyo neeati ngtha ttype of food and cause great harm. Description Pesticides used in agriculture and lawn care can harm our health and the environment. Pesticides can lead to many health issues not only in humans but in animals too. How Humans Contribute Humans contribute by spraying every field of crops with pesticides which have dangerous effects on the environment. How Can You Prevent It? Buy organic and locally grown foods. Wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them Grow your own produce TOXIC PESTICIDE S
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