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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ECOLOGISTS Tom Langen, Ecologist Ecologists: Ecologists work all kinds of places. Some are teachers. Some ecologists work in zoos or aquariums. Ecologistscan work in museums. A lot of ecologists work for environmental organizations. They all spend a lot of timeoutside studying nature. An ecologist is a person who studies nature and organisms in nature, and how they interact with each other. Enjoy plants, animals and environment Good computer and math skills Background in science Ph.D. Master's degree There are a lot of schools to choose fromto become an ecologist. Some good choicesare University of California, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, University of Texasand Harvard. Research problems in the enviromentWrite field studies about problems in the environmentResearch how building man-made structures in naturemay affect the environment, the organisms in the environment, and the ecosystemPresent field studies to the government, or environmental groupsStay educated and up to date with informationAnalyze other scientist's research Ecologists make a difference in society because they find out new information on different species of animals,and how they interact with nature, and each other. They record it, and see if that species of animal does it again.Some ecologists work at a zoo. They study an organism in the environment, and if it's not fitting in with its speciesthey bring it in to the zoo so they can take care of it. That could be because the animal is abandoned or it'sseparated from its group of animals. This usually happens when it's very young and too young to find its way back.They also see if they can help the species and their environment. Some ecologists study species to see how theycan preserve populations. Some study the environment and work on ways to keep the air and water clean.A lot of ecologists are studying climate change. Good writing and speaking skills Enjoy working in teams Bachelor's degree in science ogy-rankings Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, Biology Masters degree in Environmental Science or Biology Ph.D. in Environmental Science or Biology Ecologists can make up to $30,000, $60,000, or $100,000 a year
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