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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Budget Breakdown Our budget is meticulously broken down into parts that are key for stopping the spread of Ebola. With the 2 million dollars that is given to us we have created a plan that insures change in the numbers of breakouts happening in West Africa. We have many steps to success that follow. First we came up with the idea of infrastructure so that we can isolate those that have contracted the virus and keep them away from those that are not suffering. Eventually we are creating an environment that is disease free. We will do this by investing in a quarantine facility, where doctors and nurses care for the victims with the virus. Finally, We will be investing 500 thousand dollars toward the facility in the village of Méliandou in the country of Guinea where the root to the disease started. Next, Our organization will put forth in providing 500 thousand dollars in soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, etc. in order to prevent the start and the spread of this disease. You get infected by Ebola by the sharing of body liquids so if we provide these products the percent of people catching the virus will be less because everyone will be sanitized and clean. Finally, these materials are there to cut the disease right before it blooms Not only can the materials provided a general cleanliness, but give the African public the ability to shower, but for those that do not have water, where does the water come from? We have teamed up with the Water Works project led by Jack Harrington, Nadia Milman, Ameer Rezazad, and Paige Ennist, to provide wells to villages that do not have access to fresh and clean water. Our organization will set forth 50 wells which adds up to 600 thousand dollars. This is going to give the people of these villages opportunities to clean and consume clean water. Providing the clean water will keep people healthy and less likely to spread the virus if the water is being cleaned and there are different supplies of water. Finally, the final 400 thousand will be provided to the people and giving them health care. If we as an organization will be able to provide vaccines and adding a healthy lifestyle to the African citizens (specifically in West Africa), the African people will be able to less prone to disease. With health care the people in Africa will be able to get check up which will insure they are healthy and will make them less prone to getting various viruses. Lastly, with people being less prone to viruses because of their annual checks to the doctor will limit the spread of Ebola and various viruses across Africa.
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