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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ebola How to professionally treat Ebola Their are currently no FDA approved vaccines or medicines. Countries across the whole world are looking for a cure to treat Ebola. Who is the FDA? Recovery depends on good medical care. People who recover from Ebola develop a sort of antibodies that would last for about 10 years The FDA approves of new drugs and biologic to make sure they are safe and effective to use. They do not make or sell products. Just preform labritory tests. Prevention Wear protective gear such as: Masks Gloves Gowns Goggles Isolation from Ebola HF patients Join the Canadian Red Cross! Over 39 million people targeted with interventions and support 196 international staff and 10,756 volunteers working inaffected communities How you can help?-Donate -Share Information-Learn More - Join the Red Cross Facts: As of August 19, 2014 their has been 2240 reported cases and 1229 deaths caused from Ebola. 16 million people are currentlyliving in Ebola affected areas Ebola free countries:- Nigeria - Spain - Senegal Outbreaks! 2014: Ebola outbreak in west Africa -Largest outbreak in history -affecting multiple countries -CDC deployed teams in areas around west Africa to affecting countries -20,691 Cases reported -8,168 Deaths confirmed 2008: Ebola- Virus detected in pigs in Philippines-Pig samples were collected- The farm with the sick pigs was a family owned farm - Nobody suffered from severe illness-5 individuals had been exposed to the virus as a result of direct contact with the sick pigs Their are a bunch more related cases that have been reported in the last 15 years!
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