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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to get help on eating disorders It's more than a sickness. It's a fatal situation. Find help today, and take it. So here are 18 ways to get help Online Go online and find a website or artocle that can help you with your disorder Trust your friends Find a doctor or nurse that can help you. Find make a fake text convobetween you and afriend - explaining locate an expert that can help you You may notwant to, but listen to people who care about you. for one good andbad resource on thetopic to contrast Ask call a family member, ask about theirexperiences All the people you know about this topic shop the iTunes storefor an app thatcould be used a family member, ask about theirexperiences call search for an article relatingto the content for you to share an article or excerpt read learn about a topic andexplain how amovie clip relates curate items on a Pinterest board review a blogpost aboutthe topic a quick visual representation ofgiven facts create get going research the topic and notewhat you learn your problem with this advice solve more ways to create basic knowledge Accountability Start class with an engaging activity; Class/group discussion; Minute to Spin It Bring somethingto class;Embed researchinto the flippedcomponent assess Take a quick concept quiz (at home or at the start of class) Hunt Take Cloze notes; Discuss online; Blog about it; Post a question
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