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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 India Attitude and Mindset Italy vs. Attitude and Mindset Living Daily Life Social Life In order to find pleasure, Liz had to let herself go, and let her mind wander. To seek devotion, Liz had to limit her social interaction with people, which was a struggle for her since she is so outgoing. Living Social Life In Italy, Liz let herself indulge on Pizza, pasta, and pastries. In Italy, Liz rented an apartment in the heart of the city, alone. While in Italy, Liz took Italian classes and ultimately just explored and relaxed. Food In India, Liz followed a healthy vegetarian diet. In India, Liz stayed at a meditative Ashram with an influx of different roomates. During Liz's stay at the Ashram, she focused on internal wellness, and spiritual meditation. All realistic Images courtesy of Eat, Pray, Love Movie, Inc.clipart from,,, As Liz Gilbert took the year to travel to three unique places: Italy, India, and Bali, to explore three different sides of herself, I chose 2 to show the both physical and mental differences of her journies there. Food In India, Liz allowed herself to be friendly, but not so much so that it got in the way of her practice. Daily Life Ultimately, In Italy, Liz set out to explore contentment and pleasure, through language, food and art; whereas in India, Liz wanted to explore devotion and what it means to really have focus on one thing, in this case spiritual. In Italy, Liz befriended a whole slew of characters, from a Swede named Sophie whom she met at Italian class, to a local Italian named Luca Spaghetti. Pleasure vs. Devotion
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