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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Maui Statues of Easter Island Who built the statues? How were they made and transported? Why were they made in the first place? Many theories have been taken into consideration about the maui of Easter Island. To move the statues, scientists believe the Polynesians tied ropes to the stone and rocked it back and forth to an upright position. After being carved near quarries, logs were used to role the maui to the sights. Another believed theory was that after being lost at sea, the inhabitants settled on the island full of resources. Once the trees, plants, and animals were all gone for good, they resorted to cannibalism, wiping out most of the population. Many theories have been taken into consideration about the statues on Easter Island. Many scientists believe that Polynesians became lost at sea one day. After finding the island, about 100 people settled in.The island had many resources and was coveredwith trees and exotic birds. One of the biggest beliefswas that after resources dwindled, the people resortedto cannibalism. Although no one knows the exact reasonfor the maui, people believe that the seven statues thatface the sea represented the Polynesian's seven gods.Once the faces were carved by quarries, the people transported the statues by rolling them on tree logs.To stand them up, scientists believe that three peoplewere needed to tie ropes to each side and then rocked it back and forth. My Theory? Facts about Easter Island Out of all the theories, the one I believe most is how the people resorted to cannibalism, wiping out the population. Also, I believe that they wiped out the trees for resources to use and repurposed the leftover logs to move the statues. For the maui. I think they placed themin front of the ocean so the gods would be able to see them. Easter Island is a small, hilly island which is entirely made up of volcanic ash and rock.The island is found in the Pacific Ocean offthe coast of Chile. Scientists know of threeextinct volcanoes that existed on the islandand have found volcanic caves and lava tubes.If you visit the island, you'd find the pieces andremains of more than 600 statues scatteredaround the island.
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